December 22, 2015

The story about home making

   The homes in Spain are different. The choices of styles, sizes and prices are immeasurable. But when it comes to rental places, they are all united by the same problem - the bad constructions, humidity or owners' excuses to fix anything. We used to live a a nice place with a garden and the pool. Mysteriously the gardener and the pool guy slowly vanished with the time, the pipes got broken, and nobody really cared. So we had to move out.

   Lucky us, we found a lovely apartment with enough space and a beautiful light inside. Not so lucky - the water pipes in my kitchen got broken 6 times in one year. Lots of wet feet... But this time the owners were taking care of it. Also they gave a nice permission to change the colours of the walls. You know, the deal of renting usually is white walls and no holes in it. Ha ha, tell me about it when I saw the reality 

These weird cables were looking from each corner of every room. Leftovers from Francos' radio perhaps...

So with the blessing and a free bucket of paint I started my bring-the-nature-to-indoors kitchen.    

After the kitchen had some fresh green paint left, so decided to colour the entrance. And then I looked at my living room - more dead and dull than a hospital... New bucket to buy, new colour to mix. 

A new look of my whimsical - bohemian living room.

Personally I love these cold colours, as it's never too cold on the Islands.

And they go perfectly with my distressed coffee table, that was a palette for an artist. 

Nice way to start a morning with a cup on such a beauty, found it very inspiring in a different ways.

When I started to decorate the home for upcoming holidays, my son came up with an idea to have an upside-down tree. Yes, we did it...

Our  little version of upside-down Xmas tree

Surprisingly it works as good as the standing one 

But place was missing some shine and bling, therefore the candelabra got bit altered as well.

 The totally new perspective.

As you see, the projects been running and growing like a huge snow ball. And the most important thing I have learned once again, that the bad experiences can take you to the better life. At least to the more colourful one. And maybe more creative. Which is my Christmas wish for you - never never ever give up and try to make the best of what life gives to you.

Have a wonderful Holidays

 with lots of love, 

June 29, 2013

Deep forest...

   Like Socrates, the more I learn, the more I know how little I know... I entered the big forest and got lost. So many things catching the eye, so many forms and lines, and colors, and shades, and tones, and beauty, and mystery... I was totally lost in attempts to understand the photography. I wouldn't bather at all, but upgrading the camera was screaming about all new possibilities so I felt like have no choice, but learn. Or at least try to learn...

   As the result - the long absence on the blogger and confusion even bigger as before... Will I find the light?

   This is where I am right now. Between huge will of killing my imperfect creations and continuing to enjoy the fun of blogging.

Does it ever happen to you ?

March 5, 2013

Spring is near...

 Can you smell it? The Spring is almost here! Just take a good look...