June 29, 2013

Deep forest...

   Like Socrates, the more I learn, the more I know how little I know... I entered the big forest and got lost. So many things catching the eye, so many forms and lines, and colors, and shades, and tones, and beauty, and mystery... I was totally lost in attempts to understand the photography. I wouldn't bather at all, but upgrading the camera was screaming about all new possibilities so I felt like have no choice, but learn. Or at least try to learn...

   As the result - the long absence on the blogger and confusion even bigger as before... Will I find the light?

   This is where I am right now. Between huge will of killing my imperfect creations and continuing to enjoy the fun of blogging.

Does it ever happen to you ?

March 5, 2013

January 4, 2013

Black is black

   I had a very BLACK period lately... And I really enjoyed it! That makes you wonder? Don't worry, I am ok, indeed very fine. Just think of black velvet, black chocolate or black diamonds and you will understand...   

   Or look at this black beauty, invading my home (straight from the street) just before the Christmas!

   But that wasn't the only surprise. While I was enjoying the view on the road between the mountains, the huge crock came directly to me. I even stopped breathing from its fearless move and shining feathers...

  Was very strange to see this black message in front of me on a sunny day. I was pleasantly shocked. And then I realized, that all the meanings of black color are just some strange superstitions. It depends on your culture, on your believes, on your feelings, on the time... Therefore it doesn't matter if the future seems very black sometimes. At the end, the stars wouldn't shine so bright if the sky wouldn't be black. Because it's not about the color, but about how do we look at it, how does it make you feel.  And the black is only black...

But do You like it, the BLACK?

October 15, 2012

Take the path

   A few weeks ago I had a delight to visit an art exposition of young Norwegian artist Magnus Lien. It was an amazing emotional experience. First, because he's a son of very dear family friend Helga (incredible artist herself) ; and the  second and more important, it was unforgettable lesson. 

   Today we almost have forgotten that we are only the part of the Nature. Even if we pretend to dominate it,  it's so much bigger, stronger and wiser than the vanity of human's ambitions. And Magnus, self-taught painter, got enough courage to leave his studies (educated as ornithologist) and "safe civilised" life behind and choose his path as an artist, generously opening to us the doors to the world of spirits, Nature's soul and the inner peace.

   "What I try to express with my art, is the soul of Nature. I try to paint the souls from the trees, the birds, the flowers, the spring and all the rest. I want to help you connect with your roots, and feel the soul, the power, the beauty and the mystery of Nature; let it fill you in with happiness. My art is meditation. (...) It reminds you we all have the same soul as Nature, we are connected. We are all one, don't forget!"

   Today Magnus Lien is preparing for an  most extensive exhibition of contemporary art "Canarias Nordica" in Gran Canaria, which will take place on 15th-30th of November in the Congress Palace of Maspalomas Expomeloneras. So if by any chance you are on the island, you are very welcome to visit it! Also you are very welcome to visit MAGNUS LIEN page, where you can see some of his paintings (and buy them ;) )