November 24, 2011

First snowflake

Some freebie snowflake and TraLaLa design's bird make a perfect couple for the beginning of the Winter. 

November 15, 2011

Monogram makeover (limited edition)

   Sometimes we have to try, even if we don't know how to. This was the Wedding invitation, and my task was to make a Wedding ring cushion. In cross-stitch! With the same letters...  The search didn't bring out any Edwardian style monogram, so my head started to explode - what should I do? Then I took a photo of the wanted letters. After very long staring it came to my mind to lay them down to the squared sheet. 

But there was a problem - the lines were too thin and were not fitting exactly the squares. After some adjusting on the computer it turned out like that: 

Maybe it was not the same delicate lines exactly, but with the help of a pencil and a little bit of patience at last was possible to make the cross-stitch.


                                  After all, like in each love story, there was a happy end. :)

November 13, 2011

Looking for an Autumn

     I live in the place where four seasons don't exist. Therefore when I look at the calendar or some beautiful pictures, my memories calling back so loudly, that I have to try making an autumn myself, before I will start crying nostalgically... All I have to do is to look around for the right shades between  all colors of island. Gran Canaria is in full bloom right now... 

                                  And just for fun, the "autumnal" cat from my garden :)

November 10, 2011

Heart making hour


A couple of  friends visited me and  we had a heartily  time, making some traditional Scandinavian decorations. Isn't a bit too early? 

    P.S. Thank you,  H and I !

November 6, 2011

Apple dreams

   I smell them very clearly. The apples. And then I see them. The shy blushing over the firm skin. I reach my arm to pick one and then... I wake up! Something sweet and fresh floats in the house. I almost want to pinch myself to make sure that I am awake. The freshly backed apple pie is made FOR ME! Can you get a better dream?

November 4, 2011

Little Angels

When my Little Angel was born, I wanted him to be protected. Many days I was working on that, so many years later a nice company was always in my boy's room.  Now he is big, but the little guardians are still around somewhere... 

made on "Aida" material with DMC thread from Spanish cross stitch magazine

November 3, 2011


   By Mamta Agarwal, India

  "Garnet coloured pearly
   Pearly slippery arils tumble out,
   As I peel a pomegranate.

   Gathering them in a bowl
   I put a handful
   In my waiting mouth;
   Cool, sweet and sour juice
   Trickles down my
   Parched throat,

   And the crunchy seeds
   Get crushed by my teeth…
   As I swallow, I pick
   Some more
   My lips part
   And with a start

   I realise, how sensuous
   Luscious and delicious
   Is the touch, taste and feel
   With a flavour exclusive.

   Quite like a Haiku-
   Aesthetically compressed,
   With so much appeal…
   its an art to separate
   white membrane
   and get at its essence..." 

November 2, 2011

Friendly mail

    It was a long time ago when I received a package from my blogger friend Claudia .  I have another life blog, that's where we have met. Anyways, I still have her handmade envelopes and "thank you" cards from etsy shop. Claudia's ideas of recycling, reusing and reinventing make me think of being less consuming and more creative, so I might start doing something by myself. What do you think? 
    I think it's wonderful to share things with your friends! 

November 1, 2011


"I AM MY OWN WOMAN."   Evita Peròn  

   No matter what we women do, how we look, where we live, we are observed, compared, judged, ..., but LOVED! From woman to woman I will say: Let's enjoy it! The freedom of feeling, the love of doing, the secret of making, the ability of seeing, the strength of being ...

   The womanly power of blogging (and living) community encouraged me to open this new book of my life. Without any obligations,  promises or plans  I'll try to SHARE  it with You.  Hope that some of You will like it.