November 1, 2011


"I AM MY OWN WOMAN."   Evita Peròn  

   No matter what we women do, how we look, where we live, we are observed, compared, judged, ..., but LOVED! From woman to woman I will say: Let's enjoy it! The freedom of feeling, the love of doing, the secret of making, the ability of seeing, the strength of being ...

   The womanly power of blogging (and living) community encouraged me to open this new book of my life. Without any obligations,  promises or plans  I'll try to SHARE  it with You.  Hope that some of You will like it. 




Claudia said...

I like it already!

ladydazy said...

I do too!!

siga said...

Claudia and Ladydazy, thank you! You are my BFF- Blogging Faithful Friends!

Jutta said...

This is lovely! So happy that you commented on my blog so that i could find you :-)