November 3, 2011


   By Mamta Agarwal, India

  "Garnet coloured pearly
   Pearly slippery arils tumble out,
   As I peel a pomegranate.

   Gathering them in a bowl
   I put a handful
   In my waiting mouth;
   Cool, sweet and sour juice
   Trickles down my
   Parched throat,

   And the crunchy seeds
   Get crushed by my teeth…
   As I swallow, I pick
   Some more
   My lips part
   And with a start

   I realise, how sensuous
   Luscious and delicious
   Is the touch, taste and feel
   With a flavour exclusive.

   Quite like a Haiku-
   Aesthetically compressed,
   With so much appeal…
   its an art to separate
   white membrane
   and get at its essence..." 

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