January 31, 2012

Car wash

                           Have you ever tried to stay inside of the car while it's washed?

                                                   It might be full of unexpected surprises!

Want to try?

January 28, 2012

"R" for "Recycled Robot"

   What can you do with all those things that usually go to the trash bin? 

   Right! R-E-C-Y-C-L-E

   I love that. My son too. Especially the carton boxes. We often watch TV show "Art Attack", and they do have good ideas about recycling. My favorite formula from it to use white glue mixed with water (1/2-1/2). It works wonderfully on paper, making it hard and resistant. Really boy-proved! 

   But enough talking, let's start working :)

   Find some stuff you want to get rid of, put it together using sticky tape. Make the magic glue-water mix, and cover your creation using a brush with pieces of kitchen paper , so when it's dry, it will be ready for painting. Have to warn you, it will take some time, you must plan finishing the whole project in few days.  Use any paint you like, including spray, and don't forget to draw some details with a marker, for ex. naming it :)

   The satisfaction guarantee  100% !!!



 Isn't he cute, the KW-6 ?

January 24, 2012

Winter's dreams

   When Winter's nights come over us with early darkness and cold, the best remedy facing it is making yourself cozy and warm at home. Beautiful flowers, favorite candles, book or handiwork, charming boxes with sweet treats... 
   Lucky me, haven't made any new years resolutions ;)

   Oh, and the DREAMS! Sweet dreams of the days to come...

       Any sweet dreams?

January 16, 2012

The "Zebra" project

   First it was white & black vision. Then some thread was found. And the zebra, for inspiration :) Some long hours in the waiting rooms made everything possible. That's how this project was accomplished. Now need to convince my model to pose for last photos. He's growing, you know, and everything must be COOL. Which means posing for parents is getting less and less fun... But I am cool too, I can wait.

                                                            What's your last project?

January 10, 2012

My good old Friend

   Just before he will leave again, let me to introduce you to one of my oldest friends. Actually I think he's my first cross-stitch work. And how hard I would try,  there is no way to remember where I found the pattern, but I do remember that I didn't have enough colors so had to make it from the left treads in the house... It's been couple decades since I felt in love with this kind of needlework :)  Most of the things been given away, but this one I can't be separated from... Well, maybe just for awhile, until next year.

January 9, 2012

After the Holidays


   When Christmas glitter is put away, feels a bit sad after all these days of nice celebrations... But traditional combination of red and green is a life savior in the daily routine we all have to come back to. Can it be better wishes for a New Year than a green hopes of new beginnings and a red joy of happiness?  At least it works for me ;) 
   How are you doing these days?