February 25, 2012

In his eyes...

   In his eyes the world is an exciting place to be.
   In his eyes the trees are sleeping giants.
   In his eyes the old factories look like enchanted castles.
   In his eyes the things have soul.
   In his eyes the people still are only  black or white.
   In his eyes he is big - today is his birthday...

  ...in my eyes he will always be my little one...

February 19, 2012


   The calendar says it's February. The WINTER! I have to believe in that, so keep pretending...

February 10, 2012

The Art

   Let's talk about Art. Not the one that you are creating, but the one that creates you. Or maybe both... I mean the Art of Aging. 
   Whatever you make with all your knowledge and passion, you love and enjoy each little step in it. Each stitch, each line, each picture, each dish, each word, each smile is a momentary masterpiece. You love it, because it fills in a daily blank sheet. It's a proof that the time wasn't spent in vain. 
   But what happens when the Time starts leaving its prints on you? Right, then come attempts to erase everything with  all possible and impossible ways... Attempts to look like nothing never happened... 
   Strange. Because on the other hand, an old book you want to read over and over again. You admire in  meditating silent  the photo of an old wrinkled face. You hold a breath in front of an old collapsing architecture . You love  vintage...
   But do you REALLY  love yourself? 
   Do you really want to have and empty clean notebook at the end?
   Or does the straight trimmed wooden pole looks more beautiful than an old tree? 
   You tell me.

"wrinkled"  :))

February 6, 2012

Zebra - session

      I hope you remember my Zebra project I was very happy to finish. This winter is extremely cold (ha ha, compare to the last year, not to the place you live :) ) and some warm clothes for my kid came just in time! So, with permissions of the designer, the manager and the photo-model  today we present you the finished product  of Zebra - session! 
    Enjoy :)