March 14, 2012

Good bye, Coffee!

Hello, my name is Siga, and I am addicted. 

Right, addicted to the coffee ;)

When you can't function without it, it's time to stop.

My senses going to miss it, but I am stronger.

The Power of Life's Water will be with me. 

And I will become a Tea-lover again :)

But the most important-


Sounds funny or stupid?


But that's what I need.

Also I need  some support :)


Claudia said...

Breaking addictions it's hard but not impossible. You can do it siga! I think it's all in the mind :)

siga said...

Thank you, Claudia! I know you are the TEA person ;) so only can say that the coffee is also very physical, if you used to it and don't get it. A total drug. I am going "cold turkey" ;)

Claudia said...

Oh honey chew gum or something when you feel the need I know it easy for me to say it since I am not "addicted" But let me tell you I stopped biting my nails since the dentist told me that it's not good for my teeth. It's been a year.

Anna said...

Be courageous !
I'll continue to drink coffee for you...

Mar`Ya said...

Звучит смело и уверенно!!! Знаю, что все задуманное получится :)

P.S.какой же аппетитный этот кофе на фото!!!!!!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Oh no! Good luck with quiting coffee. I was on the verge of tears this morning when my coffee machine would not work. So I understand this addiction. Luckily there is a coffee shop near my house!

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to the coffee too... And I hope, I'll can break it one day... But now... I feel the wonderful coffee flavour from the photos... And I'd drink a cup or two... Maybe... three...

siga said...

Claudia, Anna, Mar'Ya, Miss Val, Olga - I was really happy to get some words from you! Without it I wouldn't make it! ;)

ladydazy said...

Good for you! Luv the polish.